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    Italian Drug Wholesaler: Farmaceutica Internazionale Italiana

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    Farmaceutica Internazionale Italiana: Specialist Italian drug wholesaler

    Specialist Italian drug wholesaler


    Farmaceutica Internazionale Italiana - Italian drug wholesaler born in 2008, thanks to the great insight of Daniela Ferroni who, on the basis of his multi-years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, decided to build a new company, FII, as a benchmark for all the hospital willing to buy Italian drug wholesaler.

    Since the beginning, at the name Farmaceutica, have been associated values such as professionalism and reliability, which made it from the outset a trustworthy partner for the hospital structures in search of Italian drug wholesaler. This has guaranteed an exponential growth of the business activities and, as a consequence, an increase in catchment areas: come into the portfolio a new types of clients such as private hospital structures, doctor’s offices and foreign hospitals.

    At the moment, Farmaceutica Internazionale - Italian drug wholesaler is a /benchmark in the pharmaceutical world and the aim for the future is to consolidate this position, bringing forward all the values which have guided the development, considered as the company’s ‘true added value’.

    Since his starts, the team has always been careful about market’s dynamics and innovation’s competitive boost, for this it felts the need to launch, in 2018, the Innovation Farma Group Project: following a series of market researches, FII, want to claim its position in pharmacies, by supplying cutting-edge, innovative and especially ‘unique’ Italian drug wholesaler, thanks to several partnership with International Firms which have made of the research and innovation their strengths.

    Italian drug wholesaler

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    Since the beginning, we impose ourselves a firm policy targeted at the complete satisfaction of our clients, in other words based on reliability, professional competence, transparency, completeness, kindness, speed and competitiveness, they are all values we consider as ‘essential’ to supply an ‘impeccable’ service to ‘make the difference’.

    In order to offer this kind of services, obviously, during the years , we have had, to select our suppliers and every single partner of Italian drug wholesaler, from the consultant to the carrier, using the values mentioned above, to achieve our common objective: ‘the client’s complete satisfaction’.


    Italian drug wholesaler

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    Italian drug wholesaler


    Given the importance of our activity and for the treated Italian drug wholesaler , we wanted to create a very collaborative relationship with our clients, trying, when it’s possible, to interact with them to optimize the supplying time and providing them with a scientific staff always ready to greet their requests.

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